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by Sad Eyed Beatniks

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Early in Powell Station Something kind of strange happens there While the bums rest on the ground You'll pluck a harp's strings for me Though the smell can be awful I seem to feel like I'm in a gallery
Brothers and Sisters I've got a fable to fill your heart About the first time that I heard the truth I was just so young With a black guitar in my hands It was an old one But I couldn't play a lick Late in the evening I would listen to each song And stay up all night trying to play the same Lou Reed and John Cale, Sterling, & Verlaine D Boon and Mike Watt And I never played the same If you feel like I feel With loving in your heart If you wait for a dire circumstance It will get you far
Anyway, what seems to be the ballast of our home Is seen as tumble weeds and clumps across the floor She can take off all of the hair from my coat While we sit and watch the water run How does someone from above Look down far below and wonder How to stop the shingling of hope We can take off all of the hair from my coat While we sit and watch the water rise I've seen the look on your face And noticed that it never changes The sight of it, oh, how does it prevail? We're living 70s from decor to trees To satisfy an unknown need And join us if you want
How does it feel to dream Inside of you your thoughts are caustic Eroding at the sides It leaves nothing much but stimulated pulp Drippings and clippings of memories Endless imagination Ending infatuation Subsidiary focus Retentive opus
Fine take the role I feel better as I am Finders are all keepers That's what I hear
You wear a bowtie in your hair And drape those pearls around your neck You're beautiful just the way you are But the lace won't get you very far You remind me of a girl I knew She went to city to start anew She had a picture in her head To be a star and make it big Honey you're too young for me to write this song I couldn't even have it if you tried Do you even know what we could do I couldn't even have it if you tried
Bodies soon decide How to live and die Hold me close or tuck me in on your own Pointed to a sign The token of my eye Once I took I only received The thought was made in Spain To ship across the bridge And take the lives of those that were less than human Step out of that brain You think you've gone insane The ones I loved would never come back You studied people Muddied people Who'd like to see it overturned You said to do it good You do it too And then you tell me, hun, You're out of the loop
We're sitting up here Looking down on what you're working on And you've made it clear Every piece you've found a purpose for What have you started I don't think it's a story you'd care to share with me There's not much to fear We've got an eye on what's been going down With sweetness to hear Ruffled feathers when the light's still on What have you started I don't think it's a story you'd care to share with me Two birds high Flying across the sky
Remember the wallpaper in the downstairs bath And the crushed frogs near the walking path It's not you I'd like to know All of this time There's a few I thought I chose They're all mine You hold the stem of a dandelion The yellow is gone and old It once was bright as gold Find me lost in the shape that the carpet makes And in the hands of the clock that always takes It's a fool that thinks it's gone far away Find me a crown to cover the glistening sun A crown of golden jewels to make me into the fool
Hey, if you go down to the castle Can you leave at most one lamp on for me The journey can be such a hassle I'll need another post to guide myself to sleep She looks out into the room As if it's been swept up with a broom and says "Honey, you can do it on your own"



released May 27, 2015

Squier Strat, lefty
Ibanez Gio bass, righty
Ibanez acoustic, lefty
Yamaha RX11
All music recorded on:
Tascam MF-P01 Portastudio 4-track cassette
Tascam Ministudio Porta 02MKII 4-track cassette
Vocals mixed digitally

All songs by K Linn
Intro: William Estell
Birthday Voicemail: Nathaniel Rogers
J-Card and album artwork by Mark Delyani

Thanks to the SFMTA and the N Judah, the "gallery" in Powell station, punk rock, Alex Machock's parakeets, Matthew Evans, my childhood home in Sollentuna, Sweden, Nicole and Cannoli the cat.



all rights reserved



Sad Eyed Beatniks San Francisco, California

All music recorded on 4-track cassette recorders.

Written and performed by K Linn except where noted.

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