Sad Eyed Beatniks

by Sad Eyed Beatniks

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Have you waited for the bus this early? I've been here since 6:15 Wonder if it's worth the worrying And it's not too comforting I held on as we all crossed Irving And headed down Lincoln Way It was another morning And a start to another day If it starts again I'll never know what to do Going past the Panhandle I had a wonderful view If it starts again I'll never know what to do We'll inch our way the whole day Going up the avenue
There's a pillbox on the hill It's a shooting star In the river near the mud Is where you left your car It's the truth that hides away In the quiet house For each rule there's another day to tame The shiest little mouse There's a shadow out to kill It's the empty jar In the home you heard a thud It came from not too far It's the truth that hides away In the darkened house For each rule there's another day to walk The longest seeming mile
Don't be so sad When you look at me Don't stare too long it's rude When you look at me You'll blow a lion's tooth When you look at me Don't let the past intrude When you look at me Don't be so sad When you look at me I'll pass the torch right on to you When you look at me See the stale room Hear the door slam When you look at me In the back room Feel my cold hands When you look at me Holy moly you're so fine You're always blowing up my mind Everybody's singing it again Brother, sister, morning mister Everybody's singing it again
Big man on your own you try to Pick up all the stones that you had left behind Passed by another rock that waits for you Old enough to hold your own now But I've seen you pluck the strings of a dandelion Each flower's a little piece that falls from you
If I could pass the time I would do it with you If I could read in City Lights I would do it too When you walk the streets at night I will be there with you When you cross the borderline I will cross it too When you pull the fence from under I will crawl for you When you dig the trenches of war I will dig it too When you're fast asleep I will be there with you The gun blasts and airplanes strikes Will be there too
Three hills away I'll wait for you Each moment passing slower It's all I could do Three hills away You're never on time Each second is an hour When I caught The sight of your style You opened up the door for me When I thought That you would be a while You opened up the door for me If there's a way For you to view That the taste has gotten sour There's nothing much to do Three hills away It's become my fate To want something in the moment But I have to wait and wait When I thought that you would be a while You opened up the door for me You have to know I'm ready And in a sense unsteady You know I can't get anywhere without you
The king is in the castle While the servants scrub the floor They say it's such a hassle And it's such a useless chore Manny's in the back house And he never seems to leave He's putting on his mom's blouse And he's playing make-believe I remember the starlit nights I remember the endless fights What I remember the most Is how he used to brag and boast Looking for Manuel Where could he be? Looking for Manuel I hear he's looking for me You said you're looking for Manuel
Open your package Or unravel your mail Crumple all the paper That's lining my table If it seems too much I won't cause a fuss You tried growing a cabbage Out on the fire escape I watch all the aphids Eat it like steak If it seems too much I'll try not to fuss Why even hose it down The thought seems to haunt your dreams Why even call the cops anymore When the love is not as it seems
Sing a tune before my bed Hope you don't misunderstand my cause When I insist that the curtains draw It's all better darling, don't you fuss Soon your dreams will fill your head You spent the daylight Waiting for this time You practice every moment for the climb Don't expect the morning to be kind


All songs written & performed by K Linn
Guitar: Lefty Squier Strat, Lefty Rogue Acoustic
Bass: Lefty Fender Short-scale Jazz
Keys: Casio CTK2400
Drums: Yamaha RX-11
Microphones: Audix OM2 Direct Mic, Shure 520DX Harmonica Mic
Recorded on: Tascam MF-P01 Portastudio, Tascam Ministudio Porta 02MKII



released January 25, 2016

Thanks to:
Nicole, Cannoli, Will, Rey, Volunteer Dad, Matthew Michael Evans, Richard from Wight Lhite, & whoever is still listening to The Milky Baskets


all rights reserved



Sad Eyed Beatniks San Francisco, California

All music recorded on 4-track cassette recorders.

Written and performed by K Linn except where noted.

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