by Sad Eyed Beatniks

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When I got up this morning I think my thoughts were in the clear And I think I would settle and stay another year Everything rings true Only when I want it to Will my thoughts ring true Knowing that I want you too, I surely do So I took the train over to Irving Street And I saw all the restaurants that we loved to eat And my field of view must be filled with you Will my thoughts ring true Knowing that I want you too, I surely do When you're 25, well I want you to know You can take my heart When you make it right and you end up all alone You'll known where to start It's the truest I It's the truest ever known It's the truest love Everything rings true Only when I want it to Will my thoughts ring true Knowing that I want you too, I surely do
Buddy, you are so surreal You make me feel Like I can't even feel Buddy, your love is serial I have to wait for a week To see if it's real Tuvalu Sha-la-la-la
When the morning has broken the night And all I have is the faintest delight Of my dreams before I have to go downtown And I thought this day would never begin Boy, was I wrong about that A smiling face, an empty space Can never take me away from you The pseudo grace, a steady pace Can never take me away from you They must all get on at Cole But that doesn't mean I won't hold you tonight Only you, only you, only you
My pal, what did you forget to omit When you showed it over again It's too much for me to try handle Digging into the dust When you call It always seems so strange to want to talk
You sounded so so sad When I needed to know Why did I even call you up that day You wanted to be so mad Like you had always shown Don't even trip, I'll call you up one day Your walk is so fearful Why even suffer Sitting down on your side You think you can do it But you and me renew Politics, of it's so so so sad Don't even trip, I'll call you up one day
Running through the bushes near the river A shot snags the end of my coattail No sign of feelers on my tongue No type of healers on my thumb
There's a chance that it won't give See the pastures like you never did And write the ending of a tale Before it ever begins When my eyes seem to crust And the dampness is strawberry punch Will you still offer me a hunch And rub your clay on your bodies' bust To write the ending of our tail in case it's ever revealed
When you sighed I thought you could never stop it all I was another liar to your eyes When you waited for me In the water You see everything is standing and I'd love to see you smile In the water I would love to see you smile for just one time Everything is burning in my mind Every photo you've taken of me seems to be sublime I know you're now on the other side In the water You could never be so sublime in the water In the water You always thought you could never be on my mind


released January 1, 2015


all rights reserved



Sad Eyed Beatniks San Francisco, California

All music recorded on 4-track cassette recorders.

Written and performed by K Linn except where noted.

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