Then This Is Your Year

by Sad Eyed Beatniks

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You send a sound, heavenly from above And I will cut a picture of it up You plow the ground, carefully with a glove And I will stomp each mountain to the dirt Every form You feel nothing Every form You feel the same
Flowing curtails of your slumber Shined rays of golden on the younger Days that came and quickly left Of open pastures so picturesque Bluest skies and storied tree Brought forth this joy so easily Mr. chore & Mrs. chit Would have to wait and sit For summer's come so gracefully & woke the land once sound asleep What is it that they want from you? To take your life & split in two I don't really want to do it Don't really want to have to come through, only for you I see you there
Sometimes I get on/off For a minute, for a lifetime I know it's the only one I hold Hope for this and I will see It's what's missing on my wall Falling back and falling forward Looking at the storyboard and Cut the paper, slash the corner It's the same, it's all different It's the same I swear to you It's the only thing that you can do
I see you've turned your field You've earned a copper pipe and steel Everybody's real deal is a dupe And what have I learned? And what have I gained from it all? You pass the fault, you pass the jolt The unhinged bolt, what can I say? You pass the fault on to me You passed it all
Pick up on your soul Lick up all the drool that's on your face Pick up off your stool Cause you know you've seen the caravan That's waiting at your school Pick up on your soul Fix up all the tools that took your place Pick up off your stool Cause you know there's been a scare around What's waiting behind the door
Thinking in the park I don't even know How my thoughts always try to Dine on themselves Memorize this detail Always with the refills I just thought It would be easier that way A dream is a sandwich It gobbles up the day And fears that I face And fears I misplaced I wanted a falafel Not a soda bottle The sky is as gray As a newspaper page Wait for you to tie your lace Ready to get out of this place
No, that's not right You find yourself in corrugated iron house You find yourself feeling half as good You look for you phone in the automated message world You look for you phone feeling half as good No, that's not right
Pass it, pastoral city-scape I can see the top of your head Get off, get off, get off Always on the sidewalk "Faster/alternative/ulterior automotive" - You think you understand Turn your flashers on Wait as you double park The tourist bus hop on hop off A trickle of some sort Jumping jack smashed trash heap The teapot on the little river that runs the alley
The sheets in the hotel Feel how I've felt for a long time That itching on my back Races down the track of my piece of mind Oh my darling, I know it's my suspicion Oh my darling, I know it's my condition I'll wait for a call or anything at all Because I know I would never do it Oh my darling, I know it's my suspicion Oh my darling, I know it's my condition The sheets in the hotel Feel how I've felt for a long time


"I don’t want to be a pawn
In your luminous sun-rayed dawn"




released July 5, 2017

All songs written & performed by K Linn

Guitar: Lefty Squier Strat, Lefty Rogue Acoustic
Bass: Lefty Fender Short-scale Jazz
Keys: Casio CTK2400
Drums: Alesis SA-16, Yamaha RX-11
Microphones: Audix OM2 Direct Mic, AKG Perception 220
Recorded on: Tascam MF-P01 Portastudio, Tascam Ministudio Porta 02MKII, Tascam Portastudio 414MKII
Bounced on: Fisher CR-W9005

Thanks to:
Nicole, Cannoli, Lahore Karahi, Anh Hong, Yemen Kitchen, Lers Ros, Bob’s Donut & Pastry.

Special thanks to:
Present Electric, The Milky Baskets, Translucent Lightbulbs, Thurston Moore's Lava Tube, & Vibrant Clouds


all rights reserved



Sad Eyed Beatniks San Francisco, California

All music recorded on 4-track cassette recorders.

Written and performed by K Linn except where noted.

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